Cross Mobile Development by using Java

Cross Mobile Development by using Java

As the title implies, cross-platform technology alludes to creating a single Mobile Technology that can effectively run on numerous operating systems. Since we have smartphones with different operating systems like Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows, developers always endeavor towards building common technologies to optimize their work and determine cost-effectiveness.


Microsoft has proposed Java as a Cross-Platform Development language for making the foremost consistent code that will be successful and error-free on Android and iOS. We have recently learned about a new Java-based approach to making Cross-Platform Mobile Apps, i.e. JUniversal. Other than utilizing it on multiple platforms, you'll expand the existing technology and reuse the already composed code over different working frameworks.

JUniversal has been created with the objective to provide a multi-purpose tool to translate source code and make it suitable to use on various platforms at the same time without fail. It is interesting to note that JUniversal also permits developers to compose shared code in Java and interpret it to C# (currently available) or to C++/Objective C++ (yet to come). You can moreover consolidate JUniversal with Google’s j2objc translator to translate Java to Objective-C for iOS.


Moving on to the cross-platform technology range, JUniversal is the foremost featherweight and natural-like approach due to the use of inborn programming language through native tools like compiler, debugger, UI design, etc. This could make genuinely local mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Keep in mind that, JUniversal isn't proposed as a single tool to perform different operations, but is an great code technique.

From a developer’s aspect, you may be spending much of your time in your favorite Java IDE, performing Android specific development and getting the shared code debugged there only. In this case, you'll certainly select Xcodeor Visual Studio to invest relatively lesser time in writing and debugging the Android, Windows and iOS specific code.

As there's continuously a scope for improvement, JUniversal is open to incorporating anything distinctive within the APIs, Java collection class enhancements are still in their design phase, and there are numerous functionalities yet to come.

In case you're a Mobile App Developer, jump into the world of cross-platform technology and bring something more effective and efficient to the plate.

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