Is SEO Dead in 2019? Hell No!

Is SEO Dead in 2019? Hell No!

Another ‘death of SEO’ wave has hit the online world, causing digital marketers to go into a frenzy.

Proclaiming search engine optimization as an obsolete tactic is not something new or unexpected. However, with the advent and prevalence of social media marketing, paid promotions, and voice search, has SEO really turned to dust?


While the naysayers would agree in a heartbeat, SEO advocates have come up with the right defense just to prove them wrong yet again!


According to research, 51% of the traffic a website acquires is from organic search. Let’s admit, internet users are inquisitive (and impatient) when it comes to finding the right answer for their query. Search engines are their go-to place to look for anything and everything on the internet!


Additionally, a study suggests that any online business gains 40% of the revenue generated via organic searches. This the reason why companies are motivated to invest in SEO - the ROI is huge! The demand for SEO is ever-increasing, thus, calling for marketers to undertake professional SEO training before diving into the pool of competition.


Taking all the facts into consideration, it is safe to conclude that SEO is alive and kicking! However, throwing in figures and statistics doesn’t pull attention away from the big old question nagging at the back of our minds - Why call SEO dead, then?

The answer lies in the history of SEO.


The Evolution of SEO


SEO has evolved but never died. Thanks to search giants, Google and Bing, regularly rolling out updates has kept marketers on their toes.

Over the years, many marketers have attempted to keep up with these changes but in vain. Thus, eventually calling it quits by saying SEO is dead.


While the search industry has observed major changes over time, the main agenda hidden behind all of them is the same - offer flawless user-experience! SEO is no longer just about building links or inserting keywords. It encompasses an integrated approach to build brand value and exposure. As a matter of fact, this has led to amateurs seeking the help of SEO training institutes to brush up their skills.


Black Hat SEO


Back when Google was a toddler, ranking a website was a no-brainer. All you had to do was stuff your site with keywords and buy backlinks pointing to your site. Soon, the search giant came up with ways to circumvent these shady strategies. Panda and Penguin, the two algorithm updates that sent chills down the spine of marketers, revolutionized the SEO industry.


The Upsurge in Mobile Search


Back in 2015, Google officially announced that mobile searches overtook desktop searches. Soon various updates favoring optimum mobile experience were rolled out; thus, marking the rise of responsive design and mobile-first indexing. The naysayers called it the end of desktop SEO.


Voice Search Optimization


Voice-activated assistants, like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, have taken the SEO world by storm. Marketers are keen on optimizing website and content around voice-search queries to dominate the results. Long-tail keywords, structured schema, and user-intent are given importance over other factors.


Championing SEO is no easy feat to accomplish. You need to look out for the latest updates and platforms introduced. Evolve Click academy helps beginners and professionals to learn the latest tricks with its SEO course training.