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The Evolution Continues

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What is Magento?

Magento is an open-source platform, specially used for e-commerce website development. Magento utilized to create dynamic websites and content management system based on PHP and MYSQL. It is flexible for B2C, B2B, and Magento amplifies the shopping cart for each shoppable encounter, including email, in-store, and marketplaces.

Benefits of Learning Magento

  • Magento have mobile friendly configuration for shopping cart, which is seamlessly visible on smartphones, tables and other mobile device.
  • Our faculty will help you with its marketing tool and technologies, how to promote e-commerce business?
  • Our Magento Classes in Surat makes you competent enough to start your own Web Development Company or even work as a freelance trainer.

How is Magento as a Career alternative?

  • With the ever growing no.of internet portals in India you have a bright career prospect in the field of Magento Development.
  • The pay is good although it depends on which company you are working for.
  • You need to have a stronghold on PHP Language and on the framework of Magento in order to succeed.

Why Proper Magento Training is Advisable ?

  • A proper Magento Development training can improve job prospects for developers. Nowadays most of the Magento development training academies like Evolve Click, have tie-ups with corporates and they can arrange for students to get interviews with these companies.
  • The companies can come to trust the developers because of the reputation of the institute. This will help in kick-starting Magento development career of the aspirants.

Why Us?

  • This is the best course to learn if you are planning for future e-commerce business.
  • Magento is based on PHP. PHP is open source and we being a leader of PHP Training provider in Surat know the complete in and out of opensource Framework and E-commerce Framework. We provide job oriented training and it becomes easier for any individual to know how the work in carried in a Magento Development company.
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