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PHP MVC is an application plan design that isolates the application information and the application data and business logic (model) from the presentation (view). The MVC rule is to separate the application into 3 fundamental parts, known as the Model, the View, and the Controller.

Model – this part contains business logic and the application data. It is used to perform data validations, process data and store it.

Controller – In controller it deals with the users’ requests for resources from the server.

Views – Views present the data to the user. This is used in form of HTML pages.

Benefits of MVC Framework for PHP

  • Hiding all the complex implementation details
  • Providing standard methods that we can use to build our applications.
  • MVC creates multiple views for a model.
  • Increased developer productivity, this is because the base implementation of activities such as connecting to the database, sanitizing user input etc. are already partially implemented.
  • An objective of MVC is to make a component that is independent of each other, so designers can reuse components immediately and effortlessly in other application.
  • The main benefit is modification never effects, whether it is minor changes in a web application or adding a new type of views doesn’t depend on other parts, so it never affects the entire MVC architecture.

Industries Where PHP With MVC Framework Knowledge Professionals Are Hired

  • Website development companies
  • Government organizations
  • Tech companies and start-ups
  • Software development firms
  • Mid to large companies where in-house web divisions develop and manage websites
  • Small to large companies irrespective of nature of business as website has become an important tool for every business and frequent maintenance and upgradation are needed in websites

Why Us?

  • There are types of MVC framework and choosing the best one is daunting task. No worries trainers at Evolve Click will let you know about the trending framework for PHP.
  • Our experts will provide well organized and easy to understand tutorials with examples, how to use PHP with MYSQL. Contact us for more information.