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What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-Commerce store platform that allows businesses to set up an online web store to sell your products or anything. It lets you organize your items, customize your storefront, acknowledge credit card installments, track and react to orders. Shopify is an incredibly reliable platform and have valuable extensions.

Few reasons to learn Shopify

  • With Shopify, everything is very intuitive, and store setup is not difficult unlike with the most platforms. You need to spend some extra time to understand how to use them properly.
  • Shopify is built for e-commerce sellers who need an easier interface to operate their online store.
  • Shopify integrates with popular online services like Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • It is very easy for any user to make a beautiful website as it provides out-of-the-box designs to choose from.
  • It has great customer support that will work with you to solve any problems.

SEO For Shopify

  • Introduction to search engine optimisation for Shopify – make the most out of your product listings by learning the basics of optimising your website for search engines.
  • Our Shopify training sessions are designed around what you want to learn, and are great for increasing your confidence with the platform.

Benefits of Shopify

  • It offers a simple way to rapidly launch an online store without the fuss over servers and development costs.
  • Shopify takes care of security from particularly vulnerable hackers and data breaches, who tends to the draw focus of users signing up information including credit card details. Shopify handles security compliance, security upgrades, and hacker protection.
  • Shopify themes are fully customizable by editing the code. These themes are free and are mobile responsive.
  • Shopify has coordinated with handfuls of payment gateways, but moreover offers its claim which is fueled by Stripe. In case you select to utilize this you’ll not cause any transaction expenses also you’ll advantage from lower credit card expenses.
  • It’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) features that will offer to rank your website higher in search results so customers can find you.

Why Us?

  • Our faculties teach you, how to create an e-Commerce website with a customized theme from it’s theme store.
  • In this course, You will get training by the industry professionals and you will be able to build your own Shopify site. This course covers the analysis, techniques, opinions, short-cuts, and suggestions from the tutor that will help you out to solve typical problems.
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