Web Development Trends in 2019

Web Development Trends in 2019

Today, web developments are providing solutions in nearly every facet of life. A survey shows that there are over 200 million active websites, while the total number of websites (active and inactive) is nearly 10 times as much. What’s even more astonishing is the fact that over 200 new websites are being floated every minute.

While this represents an unprecedented pool of resources, it also represents intense competition on the internet. One of the best ways to stay ahead of the game is to gain foresight into future web trends and harness them into your web development.

The following is a rundown of 10 trends in web development that will dominate in 2019


Artificial intelligence is one of the core components of any excellent digital transformation strategy. And as more companies are vying to implement digital transformation strategies, the role of artificial intelligence will grow even more central in web developments than ever before


Bitcoin and a host of other cryptocurrencies dragged blockchain technology into the mainstream. Based on a peer-to-peer network of computers that stores data using a distributed ledger ensures data never gets compromised, blockchain technology is increasingly gaining wider use in various industries.

Blockchain technology can facilitate the instantaneous authentication of massive transactions, and the streamlined management of supply chains, to mention but a few of it’s emerging applications. Today, industry heavyweights including IBM, Microsoft and Amazon are all developing their own blockchain technology platforms.


Web users are increasingly becoming more inclined to simple, yet captivating and interactive graphics on web pages. Web development companies are coming to realize that the diminishing attention span of average internet users is calling for more captivating graphics on web pages. Static images and flash-based graphics are relegating many websites to web user’s back burners, while evocative motion UI is becoming all the rage these days.

The growing preference among web users for intuitive motion UI will drive the popularity of motion UI through the roof in the coming years.


For a long time, the focus on functionality and simplicity has been a dominant trend in web design. However, there’s been an increasing shift towards the use of more images, animation and shapes in web design in a bid to keep up with the growing demands for more vibrant designs by web users

Graphic contents are increasingly being used in place of text contents. The growing demand for more engaging graphics by web users will continue to increase in 2019, and this will fuel the need for the use of more captivating graphics in web developments.


Owing to the tremendous successes that they’ve brought innumerable mobile apps, push notifications have become critical components of most websites. Push notifications are fast replacing email newsletters because they’re easier to manage on both ends of the users and manufacturers

They’re now being used in most websites for notifying users about newly published content, special offers, and personalized promotions. Their usability and accessibility will continue to drive their trendiness in 2019 and beyond.


Progressive web apps bring together the best of worlds of browsers, websites and mobile applications. A progressive web app is a website that functions almost like a native mobile app. Most brands that have made the switch from websites to progressive web apps have experienced significant increments in their conversion rates and user engagement.

Since they convey the best of websites and mobile apps, they’re poised to remain a leading trend in 2019.


By providing a faster and easier way to develop and deploy web developments, low code development facilitates the rapid development of excellent websites without the need for proficient coding expertise. Low code developments have been making serious waves as they’re increasingly being preferred by web development companies over the conventional development processes.


In order to reach a wider audience, most brands are rooting for websites that can be displayed perfectly on a wide range of smart devices. The trend of adaptability owes more to the fact that more web users are accessing the web through multiple mobile devices.

As companies look to capture a greater proportion of audiences in their niches by making their website more responsive to a wider range of devices, adaptability is bound to continue as a key trend in web development in the coming year.


In a recent survey conducted by Alert Logic, the greatest concerns of IT professionals are data breaches, data privacy infringement and confidentiality breaches. There have been many similar statistics showing that most organizations are bracing up for an unprecedented wave of cyber attacks which will leave their working environments with more hazards.

As a result, cybersecurity is poised to remain a dominant trend in web development in the nearest future.


In addition to these key trends, we can expect to see technologies like Voice User Interface, AR, and IoT for Web gaining momentous traction in web developments in the coming year.

No doubt, all of these trends leading trends, which are a mix of long-standing and emerging technologies, are set to open up more opportunities for web developers at various points on the learning curve. You can reach out to us today and let’s help you devise and implement the best strategies for tapping into these trends to edge competition.