What Frameworks Are Best To Learn in PHP?

What Frameworks Are Best To Learn in PHP?

PHP has seen a huge development as a server-side programming language within the final few years. The reason behind its awesome ubiquity is its capacity to handle complex apps safely and at a comparatively quicker pace.

In reality, the websites built utilizing PHP frameworks are highly responsive to satisfying the different business needs. Additionally, backend development on PHP frameworks is as well secure, simple to maintain and versatile

Subsequently, PHP and its systems are attending to pick up the attention of most extreme businesses in 2019. This blog would doubtlessly assist you choosing one of the most excellent PHP frameworks for your web development projects

Agreeing to a few recent surveys on PHP frameworks, it clearly shows that 2019 is attending to see a few PHP frameworks gain much more well known than other web development frameworks

In any case, to enlist PHP developers who are efficient and skilled sufficient might be a complex choice for numerous business owners. So, you must check out a few parameters like work history, encounter etc. some time recently enlisting them. In this blog, we have talked about top 5 PHP frameworks in 2019


Laravel is as of now one of the most popular PHP frameworks utilized by core businesses for developing rich web apps. This is often one of the top web development frameworks that comes with restful routing and some brilliant and innovative features for development.

Some of the major business benefits are listed below:
  • Seamless data migration
  • Top notch security
  • Robust tool integration
  • Low server overhead
  • Vast developer community


Symfony is as of now the foremost scalable and one of the finest PHP framework. This is often also one of the web development frameworks that helps in faster creation of a web application, together with its basic maintenance of a website.

The major benefits of Symfony are listed below:
  • Faster development
  • Long-term support
  • Easier maintainability
  • Better security
  • High flexibility
  • Proven reliability


This deserves a point of its own because JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is the dominant language of automated communication between services on the web today. Developers should know both how to work with APIs and how to build their own.

Business benefits of Zend framework are listed below:
  • Free and open source framework
  • Multi-functional quality
  • Faster development
  • Flexible Architecture
  • High productivity
  • Supported by more than 300 contributor


Typically one of the most effortless & one of the most excellent PHP frameworks to learn as of now. It’s a PHP CRUD System (‘create, read, update and delete’) which is one of the most well known aspect of this framework .

Business benefits of Cake PHP are listed below:
  • Open Source Platform
  • Flexible
  • Easier To Code
  • Superior Compatibility
  • Easy Database Administration
  • Cost saver


Codeigniter, one of the popular PHP frameworks, right now available in its version 2.2.6. It comes with simplified documentation.

Benefits of this PHP framework are listed below:
  • Open source framework
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible
  • Secure & User Friendly
  • Configuration and Customizable
  • Great performance